Courses in Advertising Include Objectives of Advertising

Business Management College or institute for advertising offers various Courses in Advertising. Many students are going for it because of its high scope. But few of them know the objectives of Advertising. So, let us discuss today about the objectives of advertising which you may study in Advertising courses.

The advertising’s objectives imply the communication tasks to be accomplished. During a defined time frame, these tasks are directed towards particular customers that an organization is trying to reach. An organization involves in advertising activities, strives to achieve one (at least)of the four common objectives of advertising, that are: continuity, trial, switchback and brand switching.

Trial Objective

The purpose of this objective is to encourage customers to make an initial purchase of a new product which has been revealed in the market. During product launch, organizations deploy creative ad strategies so that they can stay ahead in the competition. Trial objective of the ad campaign should be given more attention in order to invite targeted customers.

Continuity Objective

Continuity is the next objective which is a typical strategy to keep current customers to stick to the same product. To keep the customers engaged the company usually provides different and new information about the product which is designed to develop brand loyalty.

Brand Switching


Brand switching is the third objective which is one of the widely employed objective of advertising. When companies want customers to switch to their brand from their competitors brand then this technique is adopted. Brand switching strategy requires a convincing communication so that the mindset of the customer is changed.



Switchback objective is the last but not the least brand. It is another strategy used by brand owners and advertisers to win back their former customers. For this, a particular company may highlight some new features about the product, discount of price and provide useful information about the product to attract back their former customers.

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Employment Websites – What Are They? employment objectives

The International Association of Employment Websites offers the following description:

They are Job Boards and Career Portals operated by:

  • Commercial enterprises
  • Newspapers
  • Radio and television stations
  • Trade and professional magazines and publications
  • Professional associations and societies
  • Colleges, universities, and trade/technical school alumni organizations and affinity groups

What are Online Job Search Engines?

These Search Engines aggregate the postings of top job banks, company websites and online newspapers. There are a number of job search engines that offer searches of all of the online job sites and identify new job postings.

What Employment Websites Do for Jobseekers

Top job search websites provide some or all of the following services and features.

  • Access to employment opportunities in the job seeker’s hometown and around the world
  • Private automated notification of job openings that match their employment objective
  • Information about effective search techniques on or off the Internet
  • Resources to conduct a successful search such as coaching, resume writing and interview assistance
  • Links to additional job search resources located on other sites
  • Skills for effective career self-management
  • Resources for career success
  • Skills training and certification in individual career fields and selected topics
  • Links to additional career management resources located on other sites
  • Information and resources for better work-life balance

Nationwide, employers spend over 1 billion dollars annually to recruit candidates from job boards. There is normally no cost incurred by applicants with the exception of some upper management or executive position boards that charge job seekers a fee for use of their service. Frequently, these types of boards, such as The, provide a variety of other services, including coaching and education to assist in mounting a successful job search.

The number of positions filled via job boards has increased steadily for the past seven years, however, it is important to note that the vast majority of jobs (est. 85% or more) are not posted on a website or in any other publicly accessible forum. The majority of jobs are filled via the unadvertised or “hidden” job market. Two of the best avenues for accessing the hidden job market are:

1. implementing an effective networking program and 2. employing professional employment recruiters.

Selecting A Job Board Or Other Employment Site

Even though Employment Sites can be of great benefit, job seekers should be mindful that they are internet based and therefore subject to perversion by scammers. Accordingly, the first step in selecting a site or sites to use in your search is to become aware of the potential pitfalls that you could encounter. The job search website, offers an article on choosing a safe job site at

Some of the nationally known top employment search websites are:

  • ranks, an online job search engine, highly.

Employment Websites – What Are They?