Steps to Market Your Products on Facebook

Facebook has become the most browsed among social networking websites. It has recorded more than 500 million members and this is a place where you can drive massive traffic to your website. All you need is to sign up with Facebook using a valid email address for you to be a registered member in Facebook. Your email address is your username while the password will be chosen by you.

After signing up, confirm your registration from your email address and sign in back to start building your network. You can build your network by inviting friends. There are two ways you can do this either by searching using email address or search using your friends’ name. My advice is that you start from friends that you know and know you very well. After then, start inviting friends to those friends you have in your list and later invite people to your network based on the fact they are in same industry or business with you.

If you are internet marketers, invite friends that are into internet business online. You can know this by checking their profile before inviting them. Though it is not everybody that put this in their profile but from my past experience I have been able to invite friends to my friend list just because they are into same business with me. After all these, it is now time to begin to share your knowledge, experience, photos, links and other to your network members. Don’t start marketing your products and services to your friends immediately but start by posting your views or opinions on any recent happenings. Most people like this because this will let them know that you exist and even know what is going on around the world and this will let them have interest in your post. After you might have done this for like 5 to 15 times, you can then start sharing your business with them

As a marketer online it takes a lot to market and drive massive traffic to your websites but if you follow my procedure you will benefit at the end of the day. The benefit of this is that if your friends like most of your opinion about different subject matter you have been posting they will like to visit your link anytime you post or share links with them and this can give you massive traffic to your website anytime you share.

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7 Easy Steps to Selling an Affiliate Product on Facebook Chat! product of facebook

Why is it Awesome?

It allows you to have a real-time personal conversation with your potential client or sign-up. With the chat feature on Facebook and with proper knowledge on your product, you can earn immense sales.

Step 1: (Introduce Yourself)

Name, Where You are From, Education, Work Etc. Keep it very General, give them a good amount of information about yourself, to make them feel more comfortable talking to you.

Step 2: (Ask them about themselves)

Let your potential client talk about themselves in great detail. Do more listening than talking for two key reasons. Firstly, there is less of a chance you will mess up in your sale if you talk less. Secondly, you will learn more about your client by listening to them and how to stay on the offensive in terms of the sale and steering the conversation.

Step 3: (Keep a steady conversation)

Talk about a wide array of topics. However, keep in mind the long range plan, the conversation should eventually end up on your affiliate product or E-Book.

Step 4: (The Swing)

For example (E-Book on Proper Parenting): You said earlier that you have two sons, what is your experience on parenting? (Utilize your answer and slowly introduce your product.)

Step 5: (Direction)

Explain the product, but never sell it. For example: John Doe, I actually have a bit of experience in parenting, maybe I can offer you some advice or tips to help you out with the daily temper tantrums with your two sons that you mentioned to me earlier.

(He then asks, what kind of advice can you offer me?)

Well, I know of this really cool book, which has helped out a friend of mine with their children. My friend had followed the directions in the book, and in the matter of a few months he felt relieved that he could sleep at night, I am sure you know how he feels in this situation, haha!!

Step 6: The Closing

You know John, let me send you a Facebook message with the book information, and let me know what you think. I think you will like it a lot.

Step 7: Questions:

Your Client will always ask questions, and you should answer them, but be as much general as you are informative. Think about it this way, when you joined Facebook, did you join, because of a salesman, or because it was just cool? Stay True to this Philosophy and you will never fail.

A Few Quick Notes:

If the conversation ends early, and you don’t get your product out, this is fine. You can always try another day. It is much harder to get a new customer than it is to work with one you already have. Also, never sell your product directly, if at all possible talk only of benefits, never of the site or price. When it comes to your product in your conversation, keep the conversation focused on benefits.

7 Easy Steps to Selling an Affiliate Product on Facebook Chat!