GM Releases Final Production Images of Chevy Volt

As a teaser to followers of its upcoming Chevy Volt hybrid coupe, General Motors has released images of the Volt, giving enthusiasts a glimpse at what has the potential to become a highly popular car.

Two Photographs Offer a Sneak Peek

Shown to the public were two photographs – the first one depicting the front left portion of the grill and headlights, the second one the rear end of the car, particularly its distinct Chevrolet bow design and Volt model insignia. Most notable among the changes were:

The headlights wrap around from the front to the side as do the fog lamps. The same grille design made popular with the 2008 Malibu and 2009 Traverse will be used in the 2011 Volt.

The rear panel of the car has been streamlined with the Chevy bow design placed directly above the Volt name; the “V” in Volt receives an electric charge symbol to represent that this is, indeed, an electric car.

Production Progresses

Likely, the first Volts won’t be available in dealer showrooms before Fall 2010. GM is still working on perfecting the lithium-ion technology, a battery that is expected to give the car its 40 mile electric range. When not operating, a small gasoline engine will kick in which will extend the Volt’s range and help to recharge the battery. However, the car will have to be plugged in regularly in order for the battery to be completely recharge.

The final design version is expected to be completed in September 2008, just as the company marks its centennial anniversary. By November 2008, the production ready model will be on display at the L.A. Auto Show as it kicks off the auto show circuit. Expect that the car will be on display at shows in Detroit in January 2009 followed by Chicago in February and New York in April.

GM has asked the federal government for tax credits to help build the Volt, but that scenario isn’t likely to be addressed until after this year’s presidential elections. Both political parties have expressed interest in helping GM, but that help could be extended to buyers of the car in the form of a rebate or tax credit.

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How to Choose a Tungsten Ring Retailer (Hint – Use Product Images) product image

A picture is worth a thousand words. When you’re shopping for a tungsten ring online, examine those ring photos very carefully – they hold important clues to the quality.

Some people are afraid to shop online because they fear not being able to actually see the ring in their hand before they buy. They feel a sense of security knowing exactly what they will get before they buy it. Believe it or not, you can tell just by looking at a website’s images if you will be getting a high-quality tungsten ring or a dud.

There are hundreds of websites, all boasting that they have high quality tungsten carbide wedding bands for the best prices. But which sites are trustworthy?

If a website uses lower quality pictures, it is usually a sign of a low budget, “fly by night” tungsten ring retailer who may not be around to honor the lifetime warranty they promise. Fuzzy images are the first sign that the rings might be low-quality.

A Tungsten Ring Retailer With Something to Hide?

You stare at the image for a few minutes and you still can’t make out the intricate details. You can’t see what the ring’s finish looks like up close. Pictures that are too small, blurry, too dark or too light indicate that the retailer may be hiding something.

Retailers that do not use professional, clean images of their rings are usually small time businesses run out of someone’s garage or basement. They do everything on a shoestring budget. You can still see it in their generic website design and poor quality photos. Often times they snap the pictures themselves to save money. Worse yet, many retailers of low-quality tungsten rings get their low-quality pictures from their overseas suppliers. American suppliers all use high-quality photos marked with their logos.

It is fine for retailers who carry their product line to use them, since the pictures are a true representation of the ring you will get.

One thing to be wary of is the retailer that takes images from other websites and uses it on their own site. This is especially dangerous because not only are they selling you low-quality imported tungsten rings, but they are misleading you into thinking you are getting a high quality tungsten ring based on the a image of a ring they don’t even sell. This is yet another sign that the retailer is not reputable. How would you know if a website is using other people’s images? You can usually tell because on their website the pictures do not look uniform. Some images are more clear, some are dark, etc. The reflections in the rings look different from picture to picture. Typically, photographers have their own style or technique, so the pictures look similar if they are from a single source.

Next time you’re ring shopping online, pay attention to these clues. The pictures not only show you what the ring looks like, but they will also show you what the retailer looks like.

How to Choose a Tungsten Ring Retailer (Hint – Use Product Images)